Frequently Asked Questions

All MINI and Mini lovers that want to be apart of a national community of fellow MINIacs!  
No! In fact we don't want you to! We want to work with your club as an affiliate! Ask your local club if they are willing to work along side of the MMCA!
MINI Takes the States 2022 is our current event, but stay tuned for many future regional and national events!  We are already working with interested local Clubs to assist in promoting their regional event nationally.
We are a standalone 501c7 Corp. with our own EIN (Employer Identification Number). Currently under review by the IRS. We have our own BOD and officers. We will be tax exempt. MINI USA cannot be those.
There are 5 (five) Board of Directors 1 (one) for each region. We are divided into (five) separate regions across the USA: Northeast, Southeast, Midwest, Northwest, Southwest. Currently the 1st (first) set of official Board Members and their assigned Regions are:
Maurizio Fino (President – Southeast Region)
Norm Nelson (Vice President – Northwest Region)
Andrew Russell (Treasurer – Southwest Region)
Harold Gerwein (Secretary – Midwest Region)
Rob Louden (Regional Vice President – Northeast Region)
MINI USA Reached out to many diverse members of the local organizations across the US. There were others that stepped down for their own reasons.  Some were not able to commit voluntary time due to their schedules.  Others felt that the Clubs would not get the autonomy Clubs deserves.  Many local Club admins really rejected the idea of merging and dissolving, as well as the majority of members to the MINI & Mini communities when we did our own research.  The admins currently on this B.O.D stuck by those who responded to us, we have been working around the clock to bring the majority request of the community and allow all that are interested in becoming an affiliation of the MMCA not the need to merge or dissolve. Thus, allowing you to maintain your history and more as deserved.
From our diligent research and experience as Club members in the MINI/Mini Community we learned the following and these are the things we are working on providing:
Many Clubs and Event organizations could use the assistance to help become legal / legitimate organizations. Providing a tax-exempt status, becoming insured, and things of that nature.
Some Clubs and Events could use a boost in getting recognized nationally and/or even locally. This could help bring local sponsors and a better following to your local community or event.
Providing larger volume discounts purchases, web applications for better functionality and automations, web storage.
MINI has given us an opportunity to be a part of a rebate program. MINI USA will be offering rebates. MMCA will be the organization to process this. If you become a MMCA member you will be offered a rebate depending on how long you purchase a MMCA membership. MMCA will record the date of membership and the duration ( 1 yr, 2yr, 3 yr, etc). This information will be in a database and we will report to MINI USA on a regular basis.
Each club and member will have event, general liability, D&O insurance. This will cover meetings, car shows, and more. It will not cover Performance driving events, however it will be available to the clubs at an additional charge.
There are hundreds of Mini clubs across the USA. Some large, some small, some full corporations , some are small Facebook Groups. It all varies. We welcome all clubs and sizes. We do require that each club develop a 501c7 status, hold meetings, develop bylaws, and Operation Manuals, and get an EIN, file 990’s. MMCA will help clubs to get this done. We will offer templates of bylaws and OPs manuals so each club does not have to incur the legal costs to develop.
Short bios of each member of the team are found under the About menu, and then select The Team submenu. This includes the members selected for the Board of Directors.
We are working on the fee structure now. It has not been set yet. It will be set before we start accepting members. The fees will go toward insurance, web design and maintenance, data storage, events we host, paid staff, and general office expenses.