Maurizio Fino

President Maurizio

My name is Maurizio Fino. I have owned a MINI since 2007. My first MINI was an Astro Black R56. I eventually traded it in for a 2009 R56 S with the sports package, it is heavily modified and almost complete. I “rescued” another 2009 R56 S with an engine issue, it has also been modified prior to me owning it. I have a special plan for that car once I get it back to running conditions. My daily is currently a 2009 R56 S JCW.

I have volunteered with my Club and later became President. As I became heavily involved with the MINI Community and interested in the MINI Lifestyle, I have been trying to figure out how to develop a National organization among us to bring more to the community and lifestyle. I was recently presented an opportunity of a lifetime with assistance to make that happen. I am now the first President of the MINI Motoring Club of America aka MMCA.

I look forward to applying my leadership, automotive knowledge, Club experiences and technical skills to this organization the best I possibly can. Bringing the best Member and Club experience one can hope for and beyond. With this National team, I am ready to see great ideas and plans we have come to life for more people to experience such a truly amazing community, lifestyle, and car.